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Open letter to Hiring Managers

I went back to school to get my degree in the hopes of increasing my earning potential. All I increased was my outgoing expenses. Now I'm networking with student loan collectors.  LinkedIn is a crock when you don't have the... Continue Reading →

I lost my heart to Mona Lisa Vito

Marisa Tomei stole my heart in 1992 as Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny. Yes she is quite sexy and beautiful, but that was not what stole my heart.  And yes, she is cute as could be, but that... Continue Reading →

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes is a link to the lyrics of the timeless song by David Bowie.  Just to get you to where I am. Webster University here in the St. Louis area does a regular movies series at Schlafly Bottleworks.  Last night... Continue Reading →

Fill In The Spaces

So I have chosen not to express my political opinions and beliefs here.  Mainly because I wish to reach all into the spaces that we all have in common.  Now I cannot name that space.  For you it maybe your heart.  For... Continue Reading →

Allergy Suffrage (Not for the squeamish)

I can't gain control over my sinuses this year. I am miserable. No movement. Totally impacted. I've always been told to blow my nose and get that junk out of there. my experience that never helps. I'm always left... Continue Reading →

Graduate’s Remorse

So here I am.  I achieved my degree and I am now $56,000 in debt with a much higher interest rate than the banks got when America bailed them out.  I am well out of my 20's with a diverse... Continue Reading →

Into the Spaces

And so it begins.  Random thoughts about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Yesterday I thought I knew who I was.  Today I have a better idea of who I am.  Tomorrow....hopefully closer to full realization. We spend our lives here on... Continue Reading →

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