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no telling what you may find in here.

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes is a link to the lyrics of the timeless song by David Bowie.  Just to get you to where I am. Webster University here in the St. Louis area does a regular movies series at Schlafly Bottleworks.  Last night... Continue Reading →


Fill In The Spaces

So I have chosen not to express my political opinions and beliefs here.  Mainly because I wish to reach all into the spaces that we all have in common.  Now I cannot name that space.  For you it maybe your heart.  For... Continue Reading →

Allergy Suffrage (Not for the squeamish)

I can't gain control over my sinuses this year. I am miserable. No movement. Totally impacted. I've always been told to blow my nose and get that junk out of there. my experience that never helps. I'm always left... Continue Reading →

Graduate’s Remorse

So here I am.  I achieved my degree and I am now $56,000 in debt with a much higher interest rate than the banks got when America bailed them out.  I am well out of my 20's with a diverse... Continue Reading →

Into the Spaces

And so it begins.  Random thoughts about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Yesterday I thought I knew who I was.  Today I have a better idea of who I am.  Tomorrow....hopefully closer to full realization. We spend our lives here on... Continue Reading →

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