I can’t gain control over my sinuses this year. I am miserable. No movement. Totally impacted. I’ve always been told to blow my nose and get that junk out of there. Well…in my experience that never helps. I’m always left the same way I started — totally impacted, only now I have a handful of the shit in a tissue in my hand that I have to dispose of.

I took some advice last week and tried some daily Clairitin. The first day was ok. I thought “yeah this could work”. The next day my allergies said “ha! Nice try”. Back to square one. (Is this something that has to “build up in your system”?)

Now so far I’m happy to know (after blowing that shit outa there) that it is not infected. It runs clear and blows white. That’s good so I’m told.

Walgreens. Walgreens is my dealer. Gotta get the goods. Gotta getta fix. Give me something so I can breathe.  Need something stronger. I wonder if I actually am addicted to the nose spray. It says “12 hour” but that doesn’t cut it.

Some days activity will get it moving. I get up. Move around a bit and I get a little movement and I can go from there. A little creative sniffing and head turning and I can get it open. But not today!!

Today the draining has irritated my throat. My eyes constantly itch or hurt as though I need sleep terribly. I probably do. Nighttime is the worst.  Can’t get comfortable. Lay flat. This side. That side. Drain from one side to the other. Can’t breathe. Sit up. Try to sleep sitting up. Ha! Yeah right.

I’m almost ready to slice open my nasal cavity and drain it myself.