I went back to school to get my degree in the hopes of increasing my earning potential. All I increased was my outgoing expenses. Now I’m networking with student loan collectors. 
LinkedIn is a crock when you don’t have the credentials to put on display. It’s a social network for business but when your current position is waiting tables you don’t get many endorsements. Someone please endorse me.  I know that I can excel at all of the jobs for which I apply. However how do I get an interview when I don’t look so great on paper?  

I started waiting tables when I went back to college. That in and of itself cut my income but it worked for some reason. But it’s time to utilize this degree that I will be paying on for the remainder of my life.  So now this temporary job, I feel, is limiting me and the jobs that I can reach for. No one wants to interview me because the last three to five years was spent waiting tables. Hey people, the skills I achieved prior to waiting tables still exist.  In fact those skills have been enhanced due to my exposure to academia. 

It’s hard to accept that I am now being judged by a piece of paper.  If it even gets printed after submission.  Sometimes that is even just a digital version on a screen.  I know given that one chance I will surprise you.  With just a little training I can learn all the in’s and out’s of the positions for your company. Hell I may even improve upon how it is currently being executed. 

I am meticulous. Organized. And I work great with people internal and external. I can sell your product, coach your customers, teach and train your employees, enhance your work environment, and maintain and deepen any working relationships relevant to your company and to the position. 

You are missing out by my abscence in your company. Give me that one chance to prove it and you won’t want to let me go.  All I need is a foot in the door and you will swing it wide and invite me in to stay. 

Now I am not conceited. I am not puffed up or haughty. I am confident in my abilities because I have proven myself through hard work, diligence and consistency. I am far from wet behind the ears. I am mature and have honed my soul in the workplace, in blue collar and white collar environments. I can blend while standing out. I can make the difference in your bottom line. 

All I need is one chance to make a difference in your company.