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What is Synthwave? 2018 Edition

Thoughts From The Shelves Of Self

I have collected much along the way to here. Here being the person that I have become. For a very long time the view inward was skewed or blurred. Over the past decade that view has been made clearer and... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction or Medieval Fantasy: Star Wars VS Lord Of The Rings

Many argue that science fiction is better over medieval fantasy, or that medieval fantasy is better than science fiction. Some would argue that medieval fantasy better shows man’s struggle against evil rule of the land, due to the lack of... Continue Reading →

Into the Spaces

And so it begins.  Random thoughts about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Yesterday I thought I knew who I was.  Today I have a better idea of who I am.  Tomorrow....hopefully closer to full realization. We spend our lives here on... Continue Reading →

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